IV International Workshop Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Exotic Spin Structures

23-26 May 2017 Peterhof

Visa assistance

Persons who need Russian visa should supply their personal data. The nearest Russian Consulate can be found here.

Please let us inform you how to proceed to get the invitation for the visa to visit Russia.

All the participants of International Programme Committee for the Fourth of International Workshop Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Exotic spin structures (DMI) (and their accompanying persons) should obtain the visa invitation through PNPI (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) and then contact for a visa request the competent Russian Consulate of their usual place of residence.

The period of the visa invitation obtaining is several days for European citizens (Schengen countries) and about 1.5 month for the USA, UK and Asia citizens. No urgent visa invitations are available . As it is necessary to apply for the visa with the original invitation, some extra time is also needed for the regular mail delivery.

Please send the following documents needed to get the PNPI invitations:

a scanned copy of the passport (only the first page, we need the following information (full name, date of birth, citizenship, passport number, valid till… Please note that the passport should be valid 6 months after the return date and make sure that your passport has sufficient blank pages (1 or 2).

  • complete working address (+ fax number)
  • address for the invitation delivery (if it is different from the working address);
  • the place of the Russian embassy or consulate you are going to apply for a visa;
  • you should apply for a humanitarian type of visa (which is free of charge)
  • the period of your visa will be from 20 May till 1 June. Please let us know if it is necessary to change a bit the period of stay (probably, a bit earlier, etc.).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee