VI International Workshop Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Exotic Spin Structures

September 6–10, 2021 Vyborg, Russia/online

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List of received abstracts



A.V. Bokov

Study of positron annihilation lifetime in non-centrosymmetric monosilicides (B20) by 48V source.

D.A. Tatarskiy

Effect of interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on polarized neutrons reflection.

J. Kishine

Chirality-induced phonon dispersion in a noncentrosymmetric micropolar crystal.

V.E. Dmitrienko

Exotic spin structure in the pseudogap phase of high-Tc superconductor HgBa2CuO4.

M.V. Sapozhnikov

Direct observation of topological hall effect in Co/Pt nanostructured films.

V.E. Sinitsyn

Discrete magnetic breathers in monoaxial chiral helimagnet.

O.G. Udalov

Control of DMI with strain in artificial multilayer structures.

V.A. Chizhikov

Anisotropy of the magnetic phases of cubic helimagnets.

A.S. Ovchinnikov

Magnetic response of a highly nonlinear soliton lattice in a monoaxial chiral helimagnet.

M. Pardo-Sainz

Incommensurate magnetic phases of the multiferroic compound MnCr2O4 described with the superspace formalism.

K. Ishito

Chiral phonons in helical single crystal te by circularly polarized raman spectroscopy.

O.V. Nemytova

Magnetic properties of frustrated ytterbium and holmium rare earth titanates doped with yttrium and bismuth.

V. Ukleev

Frustration-driven magnetic fluctuations as the origin of the low-temperature skyrmion phase in Co7Zn7Mn6.

S. Lin

Topological spin texture in centrosymmetric magnets.

M. Hirschberger

Spirals and skyrmions in magnets and their emergent electromagnetism.

J. Masell

Helitronics and (anti-)skyrmions in magnets with DMI.

O.V. Koplak

Time resolved FORC analysis and magnetic

anisotropy in molecular based magnets.

V.N. Krasnorussky

Magnetization of MnSi in small fields: magnetic helixes rotation study.

V.R. Shaginyan

Thermodynamic, dynamic and transport properties of quantum spin liquid.

A.V. Tsvyashchenko

Low-temperature transition in non-centrosymmetric CoGe: the influence of the quadrupole transition on the occurrence of an incommensurate phase.

D.A. Salamatin

Pressure influence on the valence and magnetic state of Yb in noncentrosymmetric heavy-fermion YbNiC2

V.A. Sidorov

New high-entropy alloys with cubic non-centrosymmetric B20 structure: high pressure synthesis, magnetic properties and ab-initio calculations.

A.I. Aleksandrov

Multiferroics - polymer composites based on organometallic dimers with the Dzyaloshinsky-Moria effect.

A.I. Aleksandrov

Radio-frequency superradiance upon mechanical activation of polymer composites based on organometallic dimers with the Dzyaloshinsky – Moria effect.

S. Okumura

Magnetic hedgehog lattice in a centrosymmetric cubic metal.

A.I. Smirnov

Electron spin resonance of an interacting spinon liquid with uniform Dzyaloshinski-Moriya interaction.

S. Bustingorry

Dynamics of chiral solitons driven by polarized currents.

S.A. Osorio

Metastability and creation of single chiral soliton states in monoaxial helimagnets.

V. Laliena

Magnonic goos-hänchen effect induced by one dimensional solitons.

V.N. Glazkov

Anisotropy-induced soliton excitation in magnetized strong-rung spin ladders.

D.A. Pshenay-Severin

Effect of deformation on topological properties of cobalt monosilicide.

N.M. Chtchelkatchev

On an ab initio theory of the temperature dependence of hyperfine quadrupole interaction in metals: application to hexagonal Zn and Cd.

M.V. Magnitskaya

The magnetic and electronic properties of the
FeRhGe2 compound (B20).

T. Hirosawa

Magnonic quadrupole topological insulator in antiskyrmion crystals.

K. Shimizu

Phase degree of freedom in multiple-Q topological spin textures.

O.I. Utesov

Phase competition in anisotropic frustrated antiferromagnets.

O.I. Utesov

Mean-field approach for square skyrmion lattice in centrosymmetric tetragonal magnets.

A.A. Tereshchenko

Investigation of a deformation of the magnetic soliton lattice under tensile stress by lorentz electron microscopy.

M. Garst

Spin waves of the conical helix in cubic chiral magnets.

J. Campo

A new magnetic intermediate state, “B-Phase”, in MnSi probed by small-angle neutron scattering and muon spin rotation.

M. Crisanti

Position Dependent Stability and Metastability of the Skyrmion state in Ni substituted Cu2OSeO3.

Y. Shimamoto

Observation of phonon modes in a chiral spin soliton lattice.

C. Pappas

Helimagnetic correlations close to the Quantum Critical Points of MnSi under pressure and of Mn1-xFexSi.

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