The implicit effect of texturizing field on the elastic properties of magnetic elastomers revealed by SANS

M. Balasoiu, V.T. Lebedev, Yu.L. Raikher, I. Bica, M. Bunoiu
Authors from CMD:
The year of the publication:
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials vol. 431 126-129
Magnetic elastomer, SANS, Texture, Elastic properties

Abstract Small angle neutron scattering method (SANS) is used to characterize the structure properties of the polymer matrix of magnetic elastomers (MEs) of the same material content but with different magnetic textures. For that, series of silicone-rubber elastomers mixed with a ferrofluid and polymerized with/without external magnetic field were studied. In the species of pure rubber and the ME samples synthesized without field, SANS reveals a substantial number of large polymer coils (blobs) which are vertically prolate. The case of MEs polymerized under the magnetic field that is also vertically directed, is different. SANS data indicates that there the blobs are preferably elongated in the direction normal to the field.

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