Thermal expansion of monogermanides of 3d-metals

G. A. Valkovskiy, E. V. Altynbaev, M. D. Kuchugura, E. G. Yashina, A. S. Sukhanov, V. A. Dyadkin, A. V. Tsvyashchenko, V. A. Sidorov, L. N. Fomicheva, E. Bykova, S. V. Ovsyannikov, D. Yu. Chernyshov, S. V. Grigoriev
The year of the publication:
Journal of Physics N 37 vol. 28
MnGe, B20 structure, Debye–Gruneisen model, interatomic distances

Temperature dependent powder and single-crystal synchrotron diffraction, specific heat, magnetic susceptibility and small-angle neutron scattering experiments have revealed an anomalous response of MnGe. The anomaly becomes smeared out with decreasing Mn content in Mn1−xCoxGe and Mn1−xFexGe solid solutions. Mn spin state instability is discussed as a possible candidate for the observed effects.

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