The Conference on Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter NSCM-2018

17 - 21 September 2018 St. Petersburg, Peterhof

The cultural program

We offer to take part in an excursion to Oranienbaum on September 19 at 14 hours (duration of the program is 3 hours).

You can order and pay for the tour in your personal account. Booking and payment for tickets for the excursion program until September 12 inclusive!

Name of the program

Cost for Russian citizens, RUB

Cost for foreign citizens, RUB

"Excursion to Oranienbaum and the Great Menshikov Palace" *



"Excursion to Oranienbaum and the Great Menshikov Palace" + trip to the center of St. Petersburg **



* Program I:

at 14.30 - departure of the bus and the beginning of the excursion program along the route

15.00 - 17.30 - Excursion program "Through the centuries"

from 17.30 free time in the park

return by motor transport yourself

** Program II:

at 14.00 - departure of the bus and the beginning of the excursion program along the route

14.30 - 17.00 - Excursion program "Through the ages"

17.00 - departure to St. Petersburg

18.20 - Arrival in the center of St. Petersburg (Millionnaya Street, near Dvortsovaya Square and the Hermitage)

18.20 - 21.30 - free time

21.30 - departure of the bus to Petergof

Tour to Oranienbaum “Through the ages”

Just a few miles away from Peterhof there is the only environ of St Petersburg which has never been taken by the Nazis. The ensemble of the Great Oranienbaum (Menshikov) Palace – is an outstanding architectural monument of the first half of XVIII century. It was founded by the Duke Alexander Menshikov in 1711 by the project of the architect F. Fontana. The construction of the central building of the palace was completed in 1716 under the supervision of the architect, I. Braunstein. At the same time, there were built the curved wings of the palace, adjacent to the main building from the east and west sides. In 1717, the Lower Garden was set in front of the palace, and, in 1919, there were erected the tower pavilions. The interiors of the palace were finished by 1720. The palace church was consecrated on September 3, 1727. After the fall of the Duke Menshikov, the Palace was handed over to the Office of the buildings, and in 1736 – the Admiralty College Hospital. In 1743, the Oranienbaum estate became the property of the Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich. During the Soviet Era, the Palace had played different roles, but not a museum. It was used as a hospital, rural school, a college and a dormitory. Only in 1995 the restoration works had started here. Finally, the restored and renovated Great Menshikov Palace in Oranienbaum, was opened to the public in summer of 2011. The opening of the palace was devoted to the 300-th anniversary of the town Lomonosov.