«Neutron diffraction - 2021»

8 - 10 June 2021 B.P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI), 1, Orlova Roshcha mkr., Gatchina, Leningradskaya oblast


June 8

10-00 A.I. Kurbakov (NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina) Opening of the meeting.

Session I. Neutron diffraction in condensed matter physics

Chairman: I.A. Zobkalo (NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina)

10-10 I.V. Golosovsky (NRC KI - PNPI)

“Magnetic structures and phase transition in ferroborate HoFe3(BO3)4 . Single crystal neutron diffraction".

10-50 A. F. Gubkin (IMP Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg ) "Magnetic diffuse neutron scattering in intermetallic compound Tb3Ni with short-range magnetic order".

11-30 Tea-coffee break.

11-50 A.I. Kurbakov ( NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina ) "Features of magnetic ordering in a new chiral magnet MnSnTeO6".

12-30 A.M. Balagurov (FLNP JINR, Dubna) "New possibilities of neutron diffraction in the analysis of the structure and microstructure of metal alloys".

13-10 Lunch.

Chairman: A.M. Balagurov (FLNP JINR, Dubna)

14-30 D. P. Kozlenko (FLNP JINR, Dubna) on - line "Neutron diffraction at ultrahigh pressures at the IBR-2 pulsed reactor".

15-10 A.N. Korshunov (NRC KI - PNPI, ESRF, Grenoble, France) on - line "Order and disorder in a triangular magnet CuSb2O6".

15-40 A.A. Vaulin (IMP UB RAS, Yekaterinburg)

"Diffraction studies of the crystal and magnetic structure in the binary intremetallide Ho7Rh3".

16-00 Tea-coffee break

16-20 E.K. Nigmatullina (NRC KI - PNPI )

" Phantom" atoms "and thermal motion in fullerene C60, X-ray and neutron diffraction "

16-40 A.E. Susloparova (NRC KI - PNPI)

"Neutron diffraction study of low-dimensional frustrated tellurates of the family A2MnTeO6".

17-00 I.A. Bobrikov (FLNP JINR, Dubna) "Temperature-induced phase transitions on the surface and in the bulk of the Fe27Ga magnetostrictive alloy".

17-30 B. Mukhametuly (FLNP JINR, Dubna) "Prospects of neutron radiographic and diffraction studies at the WWR-K reactor of the INP (Almaty, Kazakhstan)".

June 9

Session I. Neutron Diffraction in physics of condensed state. Continuation

Chairman: A. I. Kurbakov (NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina)

10-00 A. Senyshyn (Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum , Technische Universität München , Germany) on-line "Neutron diffraction and its role in the studies of Li-ion batteries".

11-00 M. Avdeev ( ANSTO , Australia) on-line "Neutron diffraction at the Australian Neutron Scattering Center: instrument base, user program, and recent research examples".

11-50 Tea-coffee break

12-10 A.N. Pirogov (IMP Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg)

"Crystal structure and magnetic state of rare earth compounds based on TbNi5".

12-50 I.A. Zobkalo (NRC KI - PNPI) Features of the HoFeO3 magnetic phase diagram".

13-30 Lunch.

Chairman: A. I. Kurbakov (NRC KI - PNPI, Gatchina)

14-50 T.I. Ivankina (FLNP JINR, Dubna) on-line "Texture and anisotropy of the properties of rapakivi granites: to the problem of destruction of architectural monuments of St. Petersburg".

15-20 A. Goukassov (LLB, Saclay, France) on-line "Advances and trends in modern neutron diffraction on single crystals".

16-10 Tea-coffee break

16-30 Yu.A. Kibalin (NRC KI - PNPI, LLB, Saclay, France) on-line " Investigation of magnetic anisotropy in single crystals and powders using the CrysPy library for analysis of polarized neutron diffraction data»

17-00 V. Pomiakushin (LNS , PSI , Switzerland ) on-line «Superspace Magnetic Structure and Topological Charges in Weyl Semimetal CeAlGe».

18-00 Departure for dinner

June 10

Session I. Neutron Diffraction in physics of condensed state. Continuation

Chairman: Yu.P. Chernenkov (NRC KI - PNPI)

10-00 G. D. Bokuchava (FLNP JINR, Dubna) "Time-of-flight neutron Fourier stress diffractometry at the IBR-2 reactor for solving materials science problems»

10-30 M. M. Murashev (NIC KI, Moscow) on-line "Visualization of the diffraction contrast between the ferritic and martensitic phases of steel by neutron radiography".

10-50 M.A. Semkin (IMP UB RAS, Yekaterinburg ) " Study of the crystal and magnetic structure of antiferromagnets Li(Ni,Co)PO4 by methods of time-of-flight diffraction and diffraction of monochromatic neutrons "

11-00 Coffee, tea.

11-30 V. Hutanu (Institute of Crystallography, Aachen University and JCNS at MLZ, Germany) on-line"Diffraction methods using polarized neutrons".

12-30 M.S. Plekhanov (IMP UB RAS, Yekaterinburg) "Studies of the local and defect structure of proton-conducting oxides by PDF analysis".

12-50 I.D. Karpov (NIC KI, Moscow) on-line "Conceptual design of a neutron diffractometer for the study of internal stresses at the PIK reactor".

13-10 V.T. Em (NIC KI, Moscow) on-line "Instrument base of stress diffractometry and prospects for its development in Russia".

13-30 Lunch.

Session III. Instrument base of PIK

Chairman: I.A. Zobkalo (NRC KI - PNPI)

14-40 S.V. Gavrilov (NRC KI - PNPI) "DPN Polarized Neutron Diffractometer".

15-00 A.E. Sokolov (NRC KI - PNPI) "TEX-3 texture diffractometer".

15-20 V.A. Ulyanov (NRC KI - PNPI) "High-resolution powder diffractometer D1".

15-40 Coffee, tea.

16-00 I. V. Golosovsky (NRC KI - PNPI) "Polarized neutrons and diffraction on polycrystals. Powder diffractometer D3".

16-20 I.A. Zobkalo (NRC KI - PNPI) "DiPol Polarized Neutron Diffractometer".

16-40 V.A. Polyakov (NRC KI - PNPI) "Single-crystal diffractometer DC-1".

17-00 Discussion

17-30 Closing of the meeting